Novice guide



(一)Basic information
1、Fill in your mobile phone number in the "Mobile phone number" box, please ensure that the mobile phone number can be contacted normally.

2、Fill in the letters and numbers shown in the following pictures in the "Verification Code" box.

3、Click "Get Verification Code", please pay attention to check the verification code received by the phone, and fill in the verification code.

4、Set your password at "Enter Password". The login password should consist of 6-12 digits and English.

5、Enter the password again in the "Confirm Password" field. The password must be consistent with the information in the "Enter Password" field.

6、Click the "Register" button to complete the basic information.

(二)Fill in the information
1、Select the type of member you want to register and select the circle in front.

2、Fill in your name in "Name", and select your gender (male-sir, female-woman) in the drop-down menu next to it. If you want to make your name public, you can tick the box of "public name".

3、Select your education under the "Education" drop-down menu.

4、Enter your graduated school in "Graduation College".

5、Enter your fixed phone number in the "Fixed Phone" field.

6、Enter your email address in “E-mail”. Please ensure that this mailbox can receive mail normally.

7、Enter your company name in "Company Name".

8、If you are a financing member, please select the corresponding category in "equity financing enterprise" from the drop-down menu at "company category". If you are an investment member, please select "Bank, Securities Asset Management, Public Fund Subsidiaries, Real Estate Funds, Trust Companies, Equity Investment Funds, PPP Cooperation Units, Individual Investors, Others" in the drop-down menu at the "Company Category" Corresponding category.

9、If you select "equity financing enterprise" under "company category", you need to select the industry category to which you belong from the drop-down menu at "industry category" according to the actual situation.

10、Select your province and city from the drop-down menu at "Address" and fill in the detailed contact address in the box.

11、Select your corresponding title from the drop-down menu at "Title".

12、Click the "Upload Avatar" button to upload your avatar. It supports png, jpg, and gif format files, and the picture size does not exceed 40Kb.

13、Fill in your company's profile in the "Unit Profile".

14、Fill in your personal profile in the "Profile" field.

15、Click the "Preview Personal Business Card" button to complete the registration, and you will see the business card automatically designed for you.

(三)Complete registration

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